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Favorite ending to an episode, yet. O.o

Favorite ending to an episode, yet. O.o

xochiquetzalness asked:
First off, fuck that anon. Your stach is glorious, and I hope you keep it when you switch things up. Second, how goes it, my adoring friend?

Haha yeah, if I had a penny for every time some sorry asshole thought their opinion mattered… anyway, it goes. I’m off of work and hopefully gonna have a fun filled night of Supernatural with le bro. How are you?

michellelawless asked:
Now I'm "Le Jerkface". I didn't see your responcse to me asking if you gave me a responce. Ugh.

Haha, that’s fine, you’re not a jerk.

cihuatldelaluna asked:
So funny story time. I go on Facebook and I'm scrolling there like la lala lala right? Then I look over to the "people you may know" section and you're there haha. Says we have a couple mutual friends.

Haha are you an L.A. local?

Anonymous asked:
you would be so much hotter without that ugly-ass 'stache

As much as I would be offended, I have at least 600 followers who would disagree. That being said, one of the perks of having my mustache is that it weeds people like you out of my attraction zone. I like to keep interesting people close quarters. I think the winning factor in your statement is that you’re anonymous, and even if you weren’t I SERIOUSLY doubt that you disliking my stache is that taxing. God forbid one ugly idiot doesn’t like my stache. I love my stache, keeps all of the flaming twinks and jersey bitches out of my way, which is the way I want to keep it.

azzavajazza asked:
I love that you have your 'tache back. We should Skype soon - we haven't had a proper chat in a long time. x

YES. I MISS YOU. I’m always on Skype kiddo.

Okay skids

I’m getting to bed, I gotta shave and trim my hair early tomorrow. With great hair comes great responsibility.image

She was dtf.

She was dtf.

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anuscloud-deactivated20140430 asked:
Haha hell yeah! I dig that bike your gonna get, but crotch rockets aren't my thing, I would die for sure lol. I'm more of just a cruiser.

Lol, it ain’t too bad, especially if you get a low torque one. Lower torque means better gain. Higher torque is a quicker start but a slower gain. I’m getting one that is somewhere in the middle. But yeah, I love cafe and cruisers. In the long run I’d like to own one of each.

anuscloud-deactivated20140430 asked:
Rad man, I've been thinking about getting a triumph scrambler.

Dude, my coworker is getting a triumph. Scramblers are bad ass!

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